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Domenic S
Editor #38940
Joined 2/28/2017
4 Star Rating
0 Projects
At FindLaw, part of Thomson Reuters, Domenic’s initial responsibilities included editing and reviewing national and international marketing copy for clarity, accuracy and presentation. He quickly became a subject-matter expert on all things grammar was regarded as a reliable, approachable resource for the writing staff. He also worked proactively to ensure the completion of expedited content and projects outside normal systems by collaborating with the writing staff and the other editors.

Domenic regularly looked for opportunities to ensure FindLaw’s clients received the best content possible. He proactively reviewed content for readability and usability concerns, and he took measures to ensure any content written was 100 percent authentic. As the company's processes and products evolved, changed and launched, he was the editor most heavily involved with their development.

This led the company to create a Senior Copy Editor role for Domenic. In addition to his previous responsibilities, he served as a mentor to writers when necessary and appropriate.