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Bryan G has been working as a writer, proofreader, and copy editor for nearly a decade. He is proficient in Chicago and AP styles, and his writing and editing experience encompasses such diverse subject matter as novels, autobiographies, self-help books, political blogs, business writing, and Web content of every description.

He also has experience with SEO--last year he helped one of his clients triple the traffic to their website. He accomplished this by improving the quality of the 200-plus articles appearing on the site, and by paying special attention to the use of keywords and the quality of the meta descriptions.


In addition to his professional experience in the industries listed above, Bryan has special interests that qualify him to write or edit content related to a number of other subjects:

Music: Bryan has been a musician his entire adult life.

Photography: He used to be a professional photographer and photo printer, and he still shoots weddings and portraits from time to time.

Bryan is also an avid reader of history and philosophy, and he follows politics closely, which makes him well qualified to edit content related to these subjects.


1,000 Projects Completed

For the last five years Bryan has worked as a copy editor and content writer for IMG Health Publications, which operates several websites providing information to the public about eye care, foot and ankle care, and pregnancy/childbirth. Bryan has written or edited several hundred articles for these sites, and worked on many of their older articles to improve SEO.


100 Projects Completed

Since August of 2014 Bryan has worked as a freelance writer, copy editor, and proofreader for BusnessGhost Inc., a company that provides ghostwriting, editing, and publishing services for individuals interested in publishing their own books.


50 Projects Completed

A few years ago Bryan worked briefly for a company that published travel articles in order to draw traffic to a site that promoted vacation rental homes all over the world. I wrote numerous articles about things to do in various cities across the US and around the world, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Deadwood, Kyoto, Medellin, Florianopolis, and many others.


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