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Robin T
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Gilbert, AZ
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This editor's proclivity for extreme attention to detail first became noticed in the defense aerospace industry, where minute discrepancies and grammatical errors in technical writing and assembly manuals could lead to the construction of useless systems, and thus risk personnel in the field. Whether Class III avionics or parallelism in manuals, this particular editor's talents were validated by the psychologist-administered IQ battery, the Wechsler Exam, which recommends top career choices for the candidate. In this case, "Editor" was the overwhelming selection for innate talent.
High Tech


The editor's specialties include technical writing, such as aerospace and defense-related, commercial client business language, including text messaging and creative writing, running the gamut from science fiction to techno-thriller to romance to poetry. This editor is known for great adaptability to the target audience.


This editor's interests run parallel to his commercially-applied experience. His understanding of the science and engineering issues assist and make expert his editing of technical writing. This grasp of things rigorously intellectual assists his own editing of science fiction and military adventure fiction. His intuitive understanding of disparate cultures and their psycho-sociologies have made his romantic correspondences the hot topic of discussions in domestic and foreign markets (pun intended).


111 Projects Completed

This particular editor took pride in not being an "ugly American" while in overseas postings. His cultural and geographic literacy lent itself naturally to his dating life. A series of love letters to one paramour turned into a cottage enterprise of editing those of others trying to impress the objects of their affections. Like a latter-day Cyrano, his reputation spread internationally. A compilation of letters and edits to women the world over followed. What follows is an excerpt from one such edit. What followed this edit became a successful and enduring relationship.

High Tech

12 Projects Completed

Editing and writing in this field began during the editor's tenure as a multi-specialty contractor for the Department of the Navy in intelligence and special operations. A keen grasp of the technology involved cemented a highly professional reputation for, not only clarifying technical manuals and the roles of various systems, but their nascent tactical applications and strategic implications. This talent has carried over in recent years to his work in the defense aerospace industry.


14 Projects Completed

Much of this editor's career opportunities have come by manipulating social career networking discussions on forums like LinkedIn and Indeed. This kind of macro-editing redirects often personal commentary for an employer's purposes. The example that follows rebuts a scathing criticism of a program launched by an aerospace and defense giant to retrain employees with original educations in the arts with STEM degrees. One bitter engineer in a competing firm claimed the unfairness to his ilk who spent their schooling only in STEM subjects. His two cents'-worth begins the discussion below. The editor re-wrote a client's three rebuttals to this comment to get the attention and kudos of higher-ups at said aerospace giant. The client now works for the firm as an entry-level aerospace engineer.


4 Projects Completed

The editor belongs to two regional writing groups. These quickly became pressure-cooker learning forums for editing creative and expository writing, as well as poetry successfully entered into literary contests. His own science fiction, techno-thriller and fictionalized memoir edits received kudos from publishers on being already edited to printing house standards and Chicago Manual Of Style guidelines. What follows is the first chapter of one of those projects. Title and pseudonym have been omitted.

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