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NEW 7/28/2022
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110 Projects
Jessica has a fine art background, and over a decade of experience working in a business environment. There, she spent 5 years designing images, training material, and social media messaging for her company. She is currently pursuing her master's degree in Media Design from Full Sail University, and will graduate in Spring of 2023.
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Illustration: Hand Drawn


Jessica specializes in communicating with images first. She creates evocative designs that deliver your message before the words give the details. She can easily adapt to match your brand's voice but is best suited to the quirky and imaginative.


Jessica is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves fantasy, nature, dogs, and anything that makes her think. She appreciates a good discussion about topics that have no clear answers. Creatively, she is at home depicting people and nature. Especially birds. She paints a lot of birds.


University of Cincinnati

Jessica graduated Magna Cum Laude and Student Marshal from the University of Cincinnati.

Full Sail University

Jessica is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Media Design from Full Sail University. Here, she is combining her creative skills and her office experience to provide a uniquely capable client service.


30 Projects Completed

During her time in the office environment, Jessica created designs for training, infographics, social media, and sales. These were designed to grab attention and deliver information quickly and clearly.


10 Projects Completed

Jessica has created a number of designs and illustrations used for various aspects of the publishing industry. These include logo designs, illustrations, and still images for video.


5 Projects Completed

Jessica has always had very close ties to music. She has created illustrations for album covers, banners and illustrations for marching bands, images for band merchandise, and logos.

Illustration: Hand Drawn

50 Projects Completed

With her fine art background, Jessica's hand-drawn images set her apart from other designers. She has excellent skills for capturing a person's likeness and creating drawings for specific needs, such as screen printing.

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12 Projects Completed

Jessica did a short time working in advertising for a small newspaper. There, she learned the techniques needed to create banner ads that get consumer attention and deliver the client's message.


3 Projects Completed

Jessica has created infographics for training purposes and for sales conferences. These deliver the most important parts of the information. She is refining these skills in her Master's degree courses.

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