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Lucy started working in a print shop while in high school and worked in the graphics department. She decided to pursue a career in art and writing. She attended the Art Institute of Boston and is a skilled artist. She has been a freelancer for most of her adult life.
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Lucy had worked with some of the best companies in the world. Her hard work and strong work ethic have landed her jobs with Cirque du Soleil, Moonbot Movies, LA House of Props, Shreveport Little Theater, and the River City Reps.

She has been on many mural teams and has many of her murals in Oregon.

She used her passion for travel to write for a monthly travel magazine in Louisiana for over 12 years before moving to Oregon. She has a free online travel magazine which she put on hold when Covid hit. Lucy is planning on restarting it this summer.

In May 2022, she and her husband returned from a 10-state, 39-day, and over 6000-mile journey halfway across the United States. She is beginning to write about this adventure and is gearing up for the next.


From a young age, Lucy knew three things: she wanted to travel, to be a writer and an artist.

For graduation, she asked for a ticket to Spain that began her world travels. She filled her backpack and went to Europe 15 times.

At age 26, she set off by herself, arriving in South America. After a month in Venezuela, she met Erich. The duo set off to Machu Picchu, made it, and spent another few months traveling through Colombia and Ecuador.

After that adventure, they decided to marry and go to his homeland Switzerland. After a year, they returned to the United States, bought an RV, and continued seeing the world. Eventually, Erich missed his homeland and returned there alone.

Twenty-five years ago, Lucy met Curt and they hit it off. They had a house in Biloxi when Hurricane Katrina. Their home was one inch away from being flooded. The pair decided to move inland to Shreveport, where they were both successful artists creating, teaching, and working for creative companies and the movies.

In 2017 it was time to relocate away from the heat. The couple found a tiny mountain town in Oregon that is home, but they still travel often.

In May 2022, they returned from a 10-state, 39-day, and over 6000-mile trip to pick up a van to expand their journeys.


Art Institute of Boston

The Art Institute started me on the way to a lifetime of freelance work in the arts and in writing.

I have worked for LA House of Props, Cirque du Soleil and Moonbot Movies.

She wrote for a monthly travel magazine for over 12 years.


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Lucy is a traveler. She has visited many cities in the US, Europe, and South America.

She wrote for a monthly travel magazine for 12 years and published her travel ezine. She loves to research places and can illustrate or take photographs to enhance the story.


101 Projects Completed

Lucy went to school for fine arts and crafts. Her range includes painting, sculpture, glasswork, and jewelry making.

She can create, illustrate, photograph, and write intelligently about many arts. She has taught classes and can do how-to illustrations and take photos for projects.


101 Projects Completed

Lucy loves cannabis and moved to Oregon to 'legally partake'.
She was a budtender and emphasized responsible usage, especially for edibles and dabs. Lucy was on 'a trim' team learning from a Humboldt professional for two years. She has homegrown five outdoor crops. She loves to design T-shirts and stickers.

Illustration: Digital

1,061 Projects Completed

Lucy has been working with computer graphics for over a decade. She has created ads, magazine covers, and a wide variety of text and image graphics. She can help with wording as well as hand draw or paint images if needed.

Illustration: Hand Drawn

101 Projects Completed

Lucy loves to take photographs. When she is inspired, she creates art. She is skilled with watercolors, acrylics, pens, pencils, and many specialty products.

She would love to work with your images and create art to reflect your brand.

Book Covers

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Lucy loves to work with graphics, photographs, and text to create dynamic book and magazine covers.

Her love for fonts began with her first job at a high-end custom stationery shop and continued when she was a typesetter.

She has been taking photos and making art her whole life.

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