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Lorraine has experience in technical writing with a focus on grant writing. She has experience working as an accountant and writer in the private and public sectors. She worked as an Accountant for over 20 years and has a strong financial background. This complements her grant/proposal writing with detail and proficiency in the presentation of data and information. For example; a grant proposal request requires a narrative for the budget and measurable outcomes, Lorraine's accounting background assist in making a strong argument for the grantmaker to fund the RFP (request for proposal). She has written technical manuals for organizations to establish and help implement new SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Lorraine is a Teacher with a current credential to teach Computer Science. She creates and writes stellar web pages for websites using WordPress. She has a background in computer science that enables her to navigate and repair issues using code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.


Lorraine's specialties include writing, accounting, real estate, and web design. Her writing specialty is primarily technical and proposal writing. She works as a consultant to match clients with the best grantmaker and uses strong research skills to accomplish her client's goals.
She is also a web designer who loves to code and create professional-looking projects.

Her motto is "Presentation always matters."


Lorraine has a passion for web design and photography. She loves to learn new things and teach. Lorraine is a teacher who loves to write. She is currently writing a children's book and a book about soil science. She also has a flower farm with 13 chickens, 2 dogs, and a cat. She likes to blog about her flower farm and animals.


Consumnes River College

Degree in Web Development. Coding languages are as follows: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP.

California State University Sacramento

Lorraine has a degree from California State University located in Sacramento, CA. She majored in Education and has a California teaching credential. Lorraine also minored in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting.


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This designer does not have any industry experience listed on their profile.

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