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Muhammad A. has been working in game design for 7 years and has over 300 games and apps to his credit.

Muhammad's initial experience was based on UI/UX design, where he delivered interfaces for apps published on App Store, Play Store, and Windows Phone. His expertise further grew to advanced fields as he took on more complex projects, and games targeted for PC platforms.

This propelled him into the field of game asset design, where he gained skills like 2D/3D character design, environment modeling, illustration, and later animation skills in popular tools like After Effects and Spine2D.

Muhammad attributes his game design conceptualization skills to his never-ending love for gaming. An avid gamer since childhood, his passion for gaming fuels his imagination and inspiration for the games he designs.

His list of projects extends to a number of renowned companies, with notable achievements including collaborations with popular Japanese anime franchises, features in leading fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and aiding brands in launching their official content on app stores.
Animation: 2D
Animation: 3D
Graphic Designer


Muhammad's 3 areas of specialty are:

- UI/UX prototyping, storyboarding, and design for mobile apps, games, and web. He excels in creating interactive prototypes for his designed interfaces as well, which is a great way to showcase the look, feel, and experience of the UI.

- Game art including character illustrations, environment design is one of his biggest strengths. His added ability to conceptualize each game's ideas, and also developing the lore/storyline for each game, its characters, and the worldbuilding gives him an edge to producing in-depth experiences in gameplay.

- Animation is another one of his strongest suits that give life to each of his designs. From character rigging and animation in 2D and 3D, his skills in motion graphics, typography, and vector animations are equally extensive.


Apart from his passion for gaming, Muhammad is an expert Table Tennis player and has won numerous accolades as a professional player. He divides his time in sports by playing Tennis and Badminton as well.

His passion for gaming and comic franchises also reflects in his crafting skills. In his free time, he takes on DIY projects and crafts comic books inspired props and gadgets.


200 Projects Completed

Muhammad has over 200 mobile games to his credit, showcased on Play Store and App Store.

His 7 years of experience have seen him manage game projects from scratch, developing its storyline/lore, to visualizing the art style, character art, and worlds involved.

Having the luxury of working with numerous clients, his game range from a wide variety of genres like Action, MMORPGs, Kids, Education, etc.

A number of his designed games have received notable success over the years, garnering millions on downloads on mobile devices.


100 Projects Completed

Muhammad's experience in mobile apps is mostly based on native apps design. His design methodologies involve extensive use of prototyping and mockups to showcase its user experience to the clients, giving them an in-depth overview even before development begins.

His projects are spread across 3 different mobile app stores, and his designs conform to the guidelines of each of these platform.

Animation: 2D

150 Projects Completed

Animation in 2D is one of Muhammad's best skills as he excels in vector designs, and hand-drawn graphics to go along with it.

His animation skills not only have been acquired in game design, but he has also worked with top brands in creating interactive social media content for them. This includes setting up their brand identity to showcasing their products online.

Animation: 3D

70 Projects Completed

Muhammad has extensive knowledge of working in tools like Maya and 3DS Max, modeling and animating humanoid characters being his core skills.

He also works in close liaison with the environment and level designers and has worked on environment and prop animations on a number of projects.

Similar to his 2D animation skills, they also apply to his work with fashion, sports, health, and construction brands in modeling their products, animated videos, and promotional content.

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