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Lindsay has been drawing and writing since the age of four. As a spelling bee champion and honors English student, she's never relinquished her first passion, writing. Spending the first eighteen years of her life in Kansas City, she moved to Los Angeles to study fashion design, which led her to a lucrative career in graphic design. She spent a couple of years in New York City honing her skills within the costume jewelry industry before returning to LA.

She currently works full time as an Art Director for apparel and accessories, focusing primarily on licensed Disney product. She is a grammatical junky who recently completed a certificate in a linguistics for beginners course as all things language continue to fascinate her. She'll be the first to claim her life experiences and travels have greatly contributed to her innate writing skills and her attraction to all things design.

Lindsay is currently flexing her interior design passion while building a school bus conversion into a tiny home on wheels. She always said it was hard to choose between studying fashion and interior when she was young and now she gets to experience the best of both worlds as this project is a complete DIY.

Lindsay understands best printing practices and what it takes to implement an idea into a prototype having worked in production, sales, marketing, and now leadership. She readily identifies trends and translates them into advantageous ideas for a company's needs. Expertly skilled in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, she can do anything from mock up your merchandised store layout to create an eye-catching, production friendly graphic. She can also create your lookbook or company presentation utilizing Adobe InDesign's interactive design features.

She is well versed in all apparel categories from infant to adult as well as men, women, and unisex. She understands how to communicate with factories and managed the pre-production department for two of the most successful Disney apparel vendors. Lindsay always says the most rewarding part of her sixteen plus years of experience in design has been leading and mentoring other talent.
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Lindsay specializes in apparel and accessories. She freelanced for two years and worked primarily in the music industry assisting young professionals with their marketing and collateral needs. Lindsay has a proven leadership track record that boasts a ten million dollar sales increase during her first year as acting manager at one of Disney's top apparel licensing vendors. She is one of a handful of people who understands the Disney customer through and through.

Lindsay also specializes in trend research and the creation of inspiration boards as a means of selling or supporting an idea.


As an Art Director in the fashion industry, naturally, Lindsay loves clothes and accessories. She is a self proclaimed oenophile (lover of wine), doer of yoga, music, animals and she enjoys all things travel, whether it be across oceans or right in her own backyard.

Lindsay loves learning about new cultures, traditions and foods. She is currently co-building a tiny home on wheels in the form of a 1992 Bluebird International 25ft school bus - DIY style. Tiny homes and tiny home storage solutions have fascinated her for years as does the prospect of downsizing and becoming more environmentally friendly.


Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

Lindsay attended FIDM two months after graduating high school. Having never been to Los Angeles, she moved here at the age of eighteen and began her fashion career. She enjoyed working with Adobe so much, she landed a position as an assistant designer after graduating FIDM. At this job, she began honing her Photoshop and Illustrator skills as a graphic designer as well as gaining hands on experience and knowledge of Los Angeles' fashion industry.


1,000 Projects Completed

Lindsay primary full time work has existed within the parameters of the fashion industry after graduating in 2005 with her degree in fashion design. She has over 16 years of experience working with well known and private brands from Ed Hardy to Ci Sono Cavalini. She's done freelance projects for Tommy Hilfiger and Madonna's fashion brand for Macy's. Her experience includes every category from infant to adult to even pet. Lindsay can not only sketch a garment for you, she can also speak knowledgeably about the construction and the fabrication, as well as any embellishments and graphics that may be applied. She also, thoroughly, understands the production side of the fashion industry having personally worked closely with factories, both overseas and domestic, and managing the pre-production steps.


50 Projects Completed

During the recession, Lindsay used her skills to support local performing artists and interned with an award-winning music booking agency. After returning to full time work, she continued taking graphic design requests from professionals she created a network with among the entertainment industry.

From creating logos for music engineers to developing a complete brand identity for Esperanto, an eclectic world band, Lindsay's love for music and entertainment has inspired countless works.


20 Projects Completed

Lindsay has worked with a handful of companies developing email blasts and landing pages for the customers and buyers. This work has primarily been in the accessories, beauty and jewelry industries.


5 Projects Completed

Lindsay has developed logos for a handful of customers within the entertainment music industry. She's also consulted on the direction of the overall aesthetic for a company's brand identity which includes its logo.

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