Kevin S
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539 Projects
> Kevin.S developed all new marketing materials for our company to improve visibility.
> Kevin.S Increased brand visibility by 70% for new start-ups by
delivering impactful brand systems.
> He also expanded the client base and greatly improved the client relations by insuring that the print work is of the highest quality.
> He maximized client’ s satisfaction which led to more referrals and design jobs thus marketing the business even further.
> He streamlined the communication channels within the
marketing team by setting up a WhatsApp group which in turn
helped in speeding up feedback.

> Kevin.S improved visibility by 50% for signed-up accounts/businesses through designing logos.
> He also consistently formatted content on the website:, which led businesses to believe and trust it as the
number one source for potential customers.
> Kevin.S effectively contributed to the site design layout which
included web banners, icons.
> He Independently realized daily and monthly logo creation
and site design targets.

Kevin.S expanded the following clients customer base:
> A non profit organization > USA.
> A real estate company > Canada.
> A travel cruise company > USA.
> A robotic café service> Kuwait.
> A vanilla growing and selling company > Uganda.
> A social media marketing company > South Africa.
> A sports agency > USA.
> A family crest > USA.
> A book cover for a book author > USA.
> A financial learning group > Kenya.
> A media creation company > Uganda.
> A podcast group > Uganda.
Non Profit
Book Covers
Web Designer
Graphic Designer


Kevin.S specializes in Logo Design, Branding & Identity, Visual Design, Style Guides, Typography, Concept & Sketches, Color Schemes, UI Graphics, Wireframes & Mockups, Social Media Content, Logo Idents & Short Video Intros, Infographics, Editorial Design.


Kevin.S enjoys taking on adventures whenever he can, he loves travelling, watching and playing football, catching up on what's trendy on social media.


Glasgow Caledonian University

Kevin.S earned a bachelors degree in graphic design for digital media from Glasgow Caledonian University.


300 Projects Completed

For over 10 years across various sectors, Kevin.S has been creating and producing design projects which meet the clients needs. This is because he enjoys working across various industries and soaking in that experience.

He displays versatility across many design disciplines inclusive of logo design, U.I and UX Design, Web design, Print Design and Social Media graphics.


5 Projects Completed

Kevin.S has been conducting business with clients for whom he has designed for while learning the necessary steps of running a business.

Through using basic business documentation like NDAs, MOUs, Invoice sheets, purchase orders plus quotations, he knows how to quicken the business deal whenever possible.

Non Profit

3 Projects Completed

Kevin.S has designed for non profit organizations for a while including brochures and logos which are all meant to uplift and inspire the community.


100 Projects Completed

Creating logo design projects for 10 years across various sectors is the name of Kevin.S game.

He specializes in naming, ideating and designing the logo based on the clients needs.


30 Projects Completed

Kevin.S has created various projects that are about advertisement whether its a digital product, social media content or a physical printed item.


15 Projects Completed

Kevin.S has been creating brochures for over 5 years for various businesses for promotional purposes. No business can be known without a brochure.

Book Covers

3 Projects Completed

Kevin.S designed a thrilling book called Brutal Tactics for an upcoming author in the USA.

He enjoys creating unique concepts for book covers because each book has a story to tell.

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