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Philippe is a creative communications specialist with experience in developing visual driven content for marketing, education and other communication purposes.

He has over 37 years’ experience in character design, 2D and 3D animation as well as motion graphics. His expertise covers a wide range of creative skills from creative ideation, scriptwriting and storyboarding to animation and post-production editing.

Philippe has worked on multi-national collaborative projects and is well versed in taking projects from their inception through to final delivery, including defining the value proposition, concept development, project planning, scheduling and project management.

He has done work for companies such as SAS, Microsoft, Tropicana, Department of Health, Lloyds Pharmacy and TalkTalk.
Animation: 2D
Animation: 3D


• Character design
• 3D animation
• 2D animation
• 3D visualisation and prototypes
• Scriptwriting
• Storyboards
• Motion graphics
• Post-production editing


• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Audition
• Adobe InDesign


Philippe is particularly interested in helping B2B companies explain the value of their services in a powerful, storytelling format as well as Innovative technology companies who want to bring new products to market.

His primary focus is on creating stories that connect, inspire and persuade.


500 Projects Completed

He started out as a graphic designer and have worked in visual design across a vast number of areas including brand, character and game design.


500 Projects Completed

He has significant experience in helping businesses define and communicate their value proposition.


500 Projects Completed

He has many years experience in online marketing and has worked in collaboration with many marketing agencies. This includes everything from animation to game development and more recently immersive 3D experiences.

In terms of animation, he helps companies improve the effectiveness of their marketing through the power of storytelling.HeI offers several different products along the marketing funnel, including animation to attract attention, build an audience, retain attention, encourage engagement, convert leads to sales as well as brand-building and instructional content.

Animation: 3D

300 Projects Completed

He is highly skilled in all aspects of 3D modelling and animation using 3DS Max. He has developed over 120 characters which include text mapping and rigging. He has produced hundreds of commercially used animation for a wide range of companies. This includes both story-based character animation and p[roduct animation.

Animation: 2D

120 Projects Completed

He does two formats of 2D animation: the one is using 3D animation that is then rendered as 2D. The main advantage of this approach is you get all the dynamics of 3D animation but still retain a 2D look and feel. The second format is motion graphics produced in After Effects.

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