Heather L
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Joined 1/21/2021
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2,262 Projects
Experience includes working on Website Designs, Logo designs, Print Designs, Banner Ads, Car Wraps, Posters, Leave Behinds, Binders, Store End Caps and more.

Have worked primarily with E-Commerce companies either as a freelancer or as an employee.
Graphic Designer
Banner Ad
Direct Mail


Photoshop - Photo Editing, Poster Design, Website Design, Photo Manipulation, Banner Ads
Illustrator - Logos, Business Cards, Icons, Invitations, Car Wraps, Window Wraps, Direct Mail, Banner Ads
InDesign - Store End Caps, Posters, Invitations, Binders, Hand Outs, Direct Mail


Minnesota School of Business

Studied Graphic Design for two years at the Minnesota School of Business.


1,000 Projects Completed

Heather has worked primarily in e-commerce areas. She has worked on E-Learning Training Content as a freelance designer. She has worked at places that sold Invitations for weddings, baby showers, birthdays and more. Heather has worked at a company that owned child companies. Several of those being third party car part online stores. They also owned a restaurant delivery service.

The last company she worked for had multiple child companies that ranged from beauty products to electronics and electronic accessories to home improvement items.

Banner Ad

200 Projects Completed

Heather has worked on banner ads for the web. She has worked on a variety of them from electronics to be sold, to ads for food delivery services.


50 Projects Completed

Heather has worked on many different logos. Logos for restaurants. Logos for small businesses. She likes to see what the competition for a company or business is doing and try to make the logo as good or better than what the competition has.

Direct Mail

8 Projects Completed

Heather has done 8 direct mail pieces as a Graphic Designer.She has done them for mainly restaurant delivery services. These were used to promote the services and sell them to potential customers.


4 Projects Completed

Heather has worked on 4 website designs total in her career. She has created one website from scratch, and the other 3 were re-designs. She looks at the competition websites for ideas and inspiration. Then she does a wire frame and go over the ideas with the client. Once signed off Heather then does a mockup of what it will look like in photoshop so that the client has an idea of what it will look like.

It is from there that changes are made. Colors, buttons, placement of images. Once the mockup is signed off on, then Heather goes and does all the pages in photoshop and goes through another round of editing until the final proof is done. After that the designs are sent off to the clients web development team to implement onto the web.

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