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Digital and Hand-drawn art and Illustration. Art. Advertisements: create print ads, nonprofits. Image Editing: photographs, artwork, manipulation for web and print. Digital and print work. Logo: create logo for identity, revise existing logos. Business Identity: Development, branding, concepts, miscellaneous. Layout, Publication, Illustration. Print and Digital Design. Customization. Fine Art. Murals. Storyboards.

Conceptual development and broad spectrums of industry: aeronautics, technical drawings, abstract imagery; and sciences. Presentation strategies and logistics including infographics and autonomic research capabilities. Ability to diagnose concepts and add them to the drawing board in completely new and elemental ways.


Author (13) books: (2) Textbooks, (2) comic strips + Series of (5) in novelties, (1) novel, (3) poetry collaborations. 18 years experience: Fine Art and Morals. Dream cycles research. Founder of private stock trade of the fine arts for healthcare, economy, and human rights research.

Recently, given the position to present several presentations regarding industry and her research over these last few years to several companies in health care and their technological capacities to carry it over and into surviving strategies for the future. It has been an exciting time.


Nature. Behavior. Nitrogen.

Her interests include evolving matter and at the time of the economy, it is very important to push through and out what had been observed through Art; and in the leading industry that survives all industries. Which is why her prolific vision entails mostly in Artwork, in autonomy and its interests, which amounts to the majority of work that she is willing to take on.


Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Stefany graduated with Honors and was awarded onto the Dean's List upon graduation. It was a great pleasure for her to study at this Institute.


250 Projects Completed

Company standard and abstraction creates a legacy's platform when dealing in logistics. Design starts conceptual and then works its way into a 3D construction in front of us. The scientific standards behind concept research and theoretical design motivations, such as psychology, have brought in new visions and new possibilities for any industry.


30 Projects Completed

Energy research and developmental projects started in 2016 and connection resources has had a lot to do with the ability to grow its research into something standard and tangible. The industry involvement to Energy includes the licensed agreements between international platforms and science to physics. The discovery of the dream cycles equation was presented in 2016. Her work has been put into copyrights since.


18 Projects Completed

With a passion for diligence, the leading network is in travel. With this in mind, the ability to build from old resources and turn them into new dynamics for the future is imperative. The competitive nature maintains its balance at common need. The fruition of conceptual strategies and theoretical innovations are research platforms and its belief shows in the collaborations between industries.


50 Projects Completed

Stefany loves organizing information and then laying it out creatively. Every corporate or business needs a model or few layouts to shine in their industry. Knowing the roles of logistics and relative information on a platform helps to give everyone a clear visual picture of facts and figures. It is imperative when knowing their industry.

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