Davydd H
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Joined 10/3/2020
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138 Projects
A graphic designer utilizing his skills and smarts for creating the best projects possible! Carrying an array of design skills, harboring a passion of determination to satisfy his client's needs and comfortableness.

Having worked in Design, Web Design/Development, print, and photography for the past 4 years, he can assure a fast-paced, interactive and pleasing experience.
Illustration: Digital
Web Designer
Graphic Designer


His specialties include a vast array of skills that are to uphold and be used for his client's needs:

-Adobe Creative Cloud
-Adobe Dimensions(3D modeling)
-logo design
-business cards
-flyers, posters, brochures,
digital art
-digital photography
-web design
-web development


His interests include:

Photographing animals and environments
Experimenting in Adobe Creative Cloud and other software
Helping other people
Study different cultures
Interacting with other people
Sketching figures
Reading a mystery novel
Playing chess
Finding new software to study and learn
Creating personal projects for myself
Training myself daily through design, print, brainstorming, or physical prowess


Southern New Hampshire University

Attended Southern New Hampshire University, from 2017 - 2021. He was an average A student, invited to join multiple fraternities and groups during her attendance.


50 Projects Completed

Created a sum of 100+ professional designs for the past 4 years, utilizing the internet to further my style of design and incorporate said style into my designs. Love to tackle new methods and styles of designs and use them for future use.


5 Projects Completed

Marketed multiple clientele's works/events through logos, advertisement, banner pages, and social media. Followed their guidelines for said marketing, as well as my own, (elaborating my choices to the clientele first), to further boost the percentage of awareness towards their desired audience.


20 Projects Completed

Researched, drafted, critiqued, and finalized logos with clients in the past. I express my logos through minimal design and choices of iconography to push the message of the logo as little as possible. I like to express critical thinking, and meaningfulness through my work.

Illustration: Digital

10 Projects Completed

Designed multiple illustrations for clientele both print and digital. I've created my work under minimal, surrealism, and realistic designs. I've learned the ins and outs of Adobe software so I can make my illustrations more efficient and faster.

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