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Rachel.P is a professional graphic designer with 11 years experience, with an immense creative flair and passion for design. With a great eye for detail, client satisfaction is always number one on the list of priorities. Rachel has worked with many valuable clients who she has built a long standing and professional relationship with..

Having worked previously as both a freelance graphic designer alongside a full time in house graphic designer, Rachel has a vast amount of experience working in a fast paced environment where tight deadlines are part of the project. This have resulted in Rachel having great time management and communication skills, to ensure the projects are completed on time with excellent results.
Graphic Designer
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Rachel.P has a very diverse portfolio, ranging from brochures, event stationery, website graphics, magazines, logo design, e-blasts, social media graphics, trade show displays, banners and advert design.

She is proficient in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop, and sets out to learn new skills often.

Rachel's skill set includes:
Advert design
Brochure design
Magazine design
Trade Show display design
Banner design
Event stationery design
Web image design
Excellent time management & communication
Easy to work with, and super friendly.


Graphic design aside, Rachel has a big passion for baking, and tries to bake new and exciting recipes often. She enjoys photography and takes as many photos as she can whilst travelling to new and exciting places.

Having a young son, Rachel is always trying to think of new and exciting ways to teach him things about the world whilst incorporating creativity.


University of Wolverhampton


100 Projects Completed

An experienced graphic designer, having spent 13 years fine tuning and studying their profession. A proficient designer in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, all of which is self taught. With every job comes the opportunity to learn and develop skills, be it software or a different design approach. Designs have included, but are not limited to, magazine design, brochure design, logo design and event stationery design.

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50 Projects Completed

She has been working as a contractor with a local shopping complex since 2018 and has worked on a variety of different projects with them. One of the design jobs she works on often are banner designs which advertise both the complex and also highlight new stores that are coming to the complex within the next few months.


30 Projects Completed

Throughout her career Rachel has had the opportunity to work on many brochures for clients. Ranging from brochure folders, to 6 panel leaflets, to promotional brochures; no matter what the project, she always approaches it with excitement, passion and commitment to delivering the best results possible.

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