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Proficient marketing, communications and creative specialist focused in a variety of industries. Competent and fast paced executioner. Team player that has vision, directly communicates strategy and at the same time can receive constructive criticism while making precise adjustments. Performance increase under pressure and stress.

Personal motto...
“Reach, Engage, and Influence.”
Graphic Designer


Logo Design | Branding | Strategic Marketing | Annual Reports | Brochure & Catalog Design | Capabilities Statements | Exhibit & Tradeshow Design | Packaging & Box Design | UI & UX Consulting


Marketing is his passion, being creative is his gift, and influencing change is his mission. He has a sentimental love for that morning cup of coffee and he truly believes that we, as a society, are at our brightest, most ambitious, and most creative in the mornings. He genuinely believes that a simple cup of coffee, in any spontaneous setting, can open doors to incredible discussions for better ideas, solutions, and innovations.

He is intrigued by the idea of combining design, form, and function to improve people’s lives and contributing to an effective change.


AIH - The Art Institute of Houston

HCC - Houston Community College

UHD - University of Houston Downtown


100 Projects Completed

- Logo Design
- Brand Building
- Marketing Brochures
- Digital Advertisements
- Business Card Design
- Focused Collateral


100 Projects Completed

Anything under the cloud. From simple design request to strategic marketing development.


50 Projects Completed

- Marketing Newsletters
- Informative Handouts
- Social Media Ads
- Procedure Designing
- Safety Materials
- Annual Reports


10 Projects Completed

Currently collaborating with a non profit to design all marketing materials; Logo, Case Studies, Website, Curriculum Design, Group Materials, Final Showcase Setups

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