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Innovative graphic design professional with proven expertise creating compelling artwork and visual materials across print and digital design. Excels at developing original artistic content through leveraging conceptual design and illustration skill. Track-record of aligning design with brand identity and vision to develop high quality and detail-oriented materials. Adept at collaborating with designers, art directors, developers, and clients in delivering unique branding and marketing solutions. Proficient in Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


• Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud
• Project Management
• Digital Content
• Web Design
• Print Materials
• Concept Design
• Graphic Design
• Communication
• Branding & Marketing


Grew up playing soccer at a high level. Maintained soccer skills while among the highest levels of play in the nation. Creates graphic designs for sports brands and logos for them too in hopes they'll be used at the highest levels. Designs static designs too and has a broad aesthetic. Designed graphics for pharmaceutical, martial arts, soccer, sports, marijuana, car, and many more kinds of businesses. Would like to apply my skills to businesses to improve the image of each client.



Spent three years studying art and design at California State University, Northridge. Excelled in the courses of typography, graphic design, art history, computer graphics, and studio art earning a 3.8 GPA in art and design studies.


5 Projects Completed

He's worked with several fitness businesses and knows the style and the lingo. He's created for sports campaigns, a martial arts business, and some sports posters. They've been well received.


2 Projects Completed

Worked with Sunovion Pharmaceuticals to create two logos. One was for their Los Angeles team and one was for their Rockstar Quarterly.
The Los Angeles team name is L.A. Wave. He created a wave graphic. It fit in a circle and he used a bold sans serif typeface for a modern look because this kind of medicine is of today's age.
The logo for their Rockstar Quarterly was easier than the previous one. He was told they wanted a logo similar to the GQ logo. He created it with the pen tool and ellipse tool and added a thin serif typeface to contrast the heavy RQ.


15 Projects Completed

He's created several logos and knows all the logo types. Let me know what kind of logo you want. There's Monograms, Wordmarks, Pictorial marks (or logo symbols), Abstract logo marks, Mascots, the combination mark, and the emblem.

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