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Brittany just recently finished a yearlong graphic design internship with Make-A-Wish Connecticut. She was tasked with designing billboards, flyers, social media content, infographics, calendars, Enewsletters, graphics, and created a logo for one of their brand new events. She also created a GIF for the opening of their monthly Enewsletters. In addition to the internship, she has also done side projects where she designed T-Shirts and posters for a cheerleading team. Lastly, she redesigned a logo, designed flyers, and created graphics for a toy drive.
Graphic Designer
Non Profit


Brittany's specialties include advertising design and logo design. For advertising design, she can design social media content, flyers/posters, billboards, magazine advertisements, Enewsletters (using MailChimp), and short videos. She has also created a variety of logos for special events. She specializes in using the Adobe Suite for my designs.


Brittany's two main interests are advertising design and logo design. She has the most experience with creating advertisements for both print and social media. Logo design is another one of her main interests as she has designed several logos for events.


Sacred Heart University

Brittany studied at Sacred Heart University where she majored in Art and Design with a concentration in Graphic Design. In addition to majoring in Art and Design, she also minored in Advertising and PR.

Non Profit

25 Projects Completed

Brittany interned at Make-A-Wish Connecticut, a non-profit organization, focused on making a child's wish come true who has a critical illness.


1 Projects Completed

Brittany helped to run a toy drive for families at Christmastime. She provided a new logo, flyers, and graphics for the event.


20 Projects Completed

Brittany created advertisements for print and digital for various events at Make-A-Wish Connecticut. These advertisements included, billboards, social media, magazines, and flyers.

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