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Alec has worked as a graphic designer and screen printer for multiple companies in the greater Atlanta area as well as a freelance graphic designer for the past 5 years. Alec currently works as a graphic artist for a promotional items company. Alec has been working in the promotional design industry for the past 2 years and has completed over 200 projects with various local businesses as well as national corporations.
Graphic Designer


Alecs' specialties include modern and vintage logo design, promotional design, and prepress marketing. These include a lot of magazine and other document layouts. Alecs' main business comes from local small businesses looking for poster designs and other marketing materials for events held by the businesses. Working with each individual company and applying their specific brand identities and styles is the challenge he love most about his job.


Having grown up in California his heart will always be made up of skateboarding and surf culture. Alec has skateboarded and surfed his entire life and that has had a large impact on his life. Even though he is able to work with many other design styles, his personal style definitely has more of a Southern California surf culture feel to it. His other interest is clothing design. Alec has worked with many local businesses to create t-shits, hats, bags, and many other items for their businesses. He says seeing the design go from just an idea to the physical product is such a gratifying experience.


Lanier Technical College

currently enrolled having competed his DMPT certificate and working toward my bachelors in design and media production.


97 Projects Completed

Alec has been working as a designer working with various small businesses in the surrounding area for 5 years and has completed numerous different projects for them. He mainly does logo and brochure design but has opened up his business to allow for many different types of design work. At this point he has completed almost every type of design project from logos all the way to book layouts.


50 Projects Completed

Most of his completed projects will fall under the marketing umbrella. he has ran social media campaigns for restaurants along with created animated advertisements for commercial use. his marketing experience comes from working for promotional companies and forms that help businesses get their name out there and heard.


1 Projects Completed

Alec has completed one project with an automotive dealer in the Atlanta area. the design was a logo design that was printed on various promo items. The design was made using adobe illustrator and was completed in a few hours, the client wanted something modern that still looked like it has to do with cars.


30 Projects Completed

Alec has been doing logo design for local businesses for the past 2 years through his current employer.


25 Projects Completed

Alec has been doing brochure and publication design for local businesses for the past 4 years through his freelance design business.

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