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Streamline Workflow Publishing Integrations

Ever wish you could publish your completed content right to your favorite platform with a few swift clicks? You most certainly can with WriterAccess API integrations. We’ve partnered with some of the most popular publishing platforms so you can go from approved content to published post without all the hassle of manually copying and pasting your text. Less time copying and pasting means more time for after-work happy hour. Check out this video to get the lowdown on how it works.

Transcription of Video

Are you sick of manually copying and pasting text into your publishing platforms? I know you are. I don’t even know why I’m asking; I know you are. 

Then check out our API integrations feature. API integrations let you connect your publishing platforms to the WriterAccess platform for fast and easy publishing. 

Here's how: 
1.        Click Streamline Workflow 
2.        Click on Integrations; you'll see different platforms that you can connect to 
3.        Click the one that you want

And let's say it's WordPress. On the right, you’ll see a little block where you can add your WordPress credentials, your WordPress url, the blog user and the blog password. 

If you have more than one WordPress account, you can set each one up individually. You can also select a default post time or select the post time on an individual basis every time you publish content.

Once you complete the integration setup, you're ready to roll. You can now publish any approved piece of content. 

So open the content and then head to the upper right hand corner and click Export the order. Choose the integration you'd like to use—in this case, WordPress—and then hit Continue.

Here you can set up a few different fields. These include things like author or category, which can come from the WordPress account you integrated. You can also select the publishing date or the time, or you can just leave these blank. 

If you want to send the content as a draft for additional tweaking in WordPress before it goes out, you can do that, too.

Any required or optional keywords listed in your WriterAccess order will show up as tags, and you can set up additional tags if you wish later on. You can also adjust your URL slug right here. 

If it all looks dandy, click Publish. Then you'll get a confirmation that your content has been pushed to the platform. 

Now for some pro tips:

The API Integrations feature also makes it easier to push multiple pieces to your platform quickly. From the Manage Workflow section, select multiple pieces of approved content and do a batch export to your platform. It's the same process used for publishing an individual piece.