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Streamline Workflow Files and Documents

Your creative brief outlines what you want out of a specific project, and you can add even more details by adding files to your creative briefs. Those files may include content you want rewritten, an example of what you're looking for, brand or editorial guidelines, or samples of a particular tone or style you adore. The more details you can give the freelancer, the better prepped they'll be to ace your project. Learn how to add files to your creative briefs right here in the WriterAccess platform. 

Transcription of Video

Adding files to your creative brief is an easy way to give you a writer or designer everything they need to crush your next project. 

You can add:
•        A file of existing content you want rewritten
•        A file showcasing the particular style, tone or voice that you want in your project
•        Your editorial guide or branding guidelines 
•        A picture of your dog surfing in the Bahamas 

No matter what file you want to add, they're all added the same way. 

1.        Go to the Streamline Workflow section
2.        Click Library 
3.        Click Files 
4.        Click Upload New Files
5.        Drag and drop the file you would like to upload

You can upload nearly any type of file except for video files, as long as your files are less than 20 megabytes. 

When you want to add a file to a creative brief when you place an order, just click Files, then Uploads, and then select the file under the common add-on section. 

Now for some pro tips:

•        Don't give your files wacky names he'll never remember. You want to make sure you share the right file with the right writer. Heaven forbid the dog surfing photo gets into the wrong hands. 

•        Consider uploading a PDF or other example of your ideal writing style for your talent to emulate in your content. If you don't have a sample, then just quickly create one by copying and pasting text from your favorite blogger or a competitor's content that you admire.