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Place Orders Voice Instructions

Ever wish there was a fast and easy way to deliver more information about an order without typing your fingers to the bone? There is. And, of course, it’s right here at WriterAccess. Our voice messaging feature lets you quickly record more details about a project to send along to freelancers. This video will get you set up with it in a jiffy.

Transcription of Video

Is it easier for you to explain things by talking or typing? If you're a fan of the talking, than check out the voice messaging feature. Use voice messaging to help your writer grasp your tone and style without having to type it all out and produce a ton of content. 

Here's how:
1.        When placing an order, you'll notice a checkbox called Files and Uploads, and another called Voice Instructions. Click both.
2.        Under the Attached Files section, you'll see a button that says Record Voice Instruction. Click it.
3.        Then click Reserve a Line. 
4.        Call the number on the screen and then enter the pin. You’ll get an indication on the screen when you're connected. You'll also get an indication when you're recording and when your MP3 has been stored. 
5.        Click Done, and your voice recording will be automatically attached to the content brief in that particular order. 
6.        Save the brief as a template so that your recording is available for future projects. 

This same voice message feature is available when you're sending a message to a freelancer, too. Just so you know.

Now for some pro tips:

•        Keep these calls super short. We all hate long meetings that could have been just summed up in an email. 

•        Be yourself. You want to convey your tone and personality to help the writer pick up on the style that resonates with you and your audience.

•        Before setting up a voice recording, create an outline before you record. And this is just a checklist or bullets of talking points that keep you on track while ensuring that you also cover everything that you want to cover.