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Place Orders Rulesets

Maybe your brand demands bulleted lists and external links with every order. Or perhaps you consistently request at least three subheads and one featured quote. Make requesting your desired elements and formatting easier by using the rulesets feature at WriterAccess. Check out this video for more.

Transcription of Video

Do you want writers to include specific elements in the content they create for you? Perhaps you want bullet points, a numbered list, or internal links to other content on your site. 

All you got to do is let the writers know. And to do that, you can use rulesets. 

Here's how:
1.        Go to Streamline Workflow.
2.        Click Asset Library. 
3.        Click Rulesets.  

•        Here you can review any existing rulesets you saved or create a new one. 
•        Let's create a new one.
•        Click Create New Ruleset.

4.        Choose Ruleset type to indicate the type of content to which this rule set applies.
5.        Name your ruleset, giving it a short and obvious name that makes it clear what you're using it for. 
6.        Now, add the rules that you want to include in that particular ruleset.

•        Fill out a brief description of each rule. 
•        You can add as many as you like.

7.        Click Save Ruleset and you're done. 

Now when you place an order, you can add the rulesets you created. 

1.        Head to the order form.
2.        Find Common Add Ons for all Titles. 
3.        Click the Rulesets box.
4.        Select the specific ruleset you want to use.

Presto! The rules within the ruleset will automatically populate in the order form. 

Now for some pro tips:

•        Rulesets have no expiration date. You can use the same rulesets for years or edit and update existing rulesets as needed. 

•        Create different rulesets for different types of content. Maybe you want your blogs to include elements of comedy, but you want your website copy to be straightforward and clear. No room for nonsense here.

•        For copy that's easily readable and scannable, we recommend the following rulesets:

1.        Short paragraphs, keep paragraphs three lines or under. 
2.        Make the Enter button your best friend.
3.        Use bulleted or numbered list to do the heavy lifting of organizing your information. 
4.        Bold words and sentences to draw attention to key points or to add emphasis.
5.        Use headers and subheadings to categorize information and break content into sections. 

The more specific you are in your rulesets, the more prepared writers will be to meet your expectations.