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Place Orders Conference Calls

In some cases, the best way to communicate ideas, gauge personality, and check for a good fit between customer and freelancer is with a phone call. And you can set one up using the Conference Call feature at WriterAccess. Find out how to reserve a line and schedule a call with tips in this video.

Transcription of Video

Conference Calls let you communicate directly with the freelancer in real time. 

Here's how to set them up:
1.        Click the Communication tab.
2.        Then click Conference Call. 
3.        Agree to the rate of 50 cents per minute. The payment split works the same way it does for orders: 70% goes to the freelancer and 30% goes to WriterAccess.
4.        Then click Continue. 
5.        Click Reserve New Conference Line.
6.        Select the talent that you want to chat with. Make sure that you've added them to your love list first. 
7.        Adjust the day and time to reflect when you would like to chat.
8.        Click Reserve Line. 

You'll get a custom number and PIN to use with the talent at the time that you specified. The talent will receive a message with your number and the PIN for them to use. 

When you make your call, WriterAccess will automatically track the length and then withdraw the funds from your account after the call ends. 

Now for some pro tips:

•        Pay attention to time zones. Is that New York or is that Arizona time?

•        Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the cost of the call or you won't be able to make it. To do that, go to the Account section and then click Deposit Funds to have a one-time deposit or to set up an auto deposit so that you are always ready to go.

•        Create an outline or checklist of everything that you want to cover during the call. And this helps to minimize the call time while ensuring that you don't leave anything out. 

•        Also, a recording of the call will be emailed to both of you and to the talent. You can find a copy of the recording in your Streamline Workflow section under Library and Files. 

•        You can also add the recording to your content brief and the Add On section. This gives you and the writer a consistent piece of communication to refer to for future projects.