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Overview Place Order

Placing an order at WriterAccess is not difficult, but it does have a lot of moving parts. While you may be able to figure them all out on your own, make it easier with tips from this video. Here you’ll learn the soup-to-nuts order placing process.

Transcription of Video

Ready to place an order with WriterAccess? 

Great! Here's how:

1.        Go to Place Orders.
2.        Click Launch Order. 
3.        Select the type of talent you need. 
4.        You'll be brought to the order form. 
5.        Under basic information, choose:

•        Your industry.
•        Content type.
•        Talent specialty. 

If you have analytics set up, you'll also want to enter your domain. 

You now have several ways to launch the order, depending on who you want to write it. 

Choose the Crowd option if you want the first available writer from the entire pool of WriterAccess writers to pick up the order.

Choose the Match Me Up option if you want the system to analyze the style that you provide and find writers that match, and then invite matching writers to pick up that order.

You can choose your Love List if you want to launch an order to be picked up by any of the first available writers on your love list. 

Select Solo if you want to send the order to a specific writer on your love list. 

If you've created a custom team of writers, you can also choose to have the order sent to your team for pickup by the first available writer on the team. 

Pricing your order comes next. You can either choose price per word or price per order. 

•        If you select price per word, you can toggle to see the standard rates for each star level. Here's where you can also increase the price, add a bonus, and adjust the word count of the order. 
•        If you select price per order, you can enter a flat rate for the project. 

Now, for Deadlines. Select the number of days the writer has to complete the order. Five days is pretty standard for a straightforward 500-word blog post. Toggle up and down as needed to adjust the deadline. 

Next come the Add On options. You can choose to have the writer provide social media post, meta descriptions, images and a few other elements. Each add-on option that you choose comes with a small fee, which is calculated over on the right. 

Instructions are next. This is where you can include information about the order, your company, your goals, and other details that can be saved for use on future orders. 

The Common Add On section lets you include additional elements, such as:

•        Style information
•        Branding guides
•        Buyer personas
•        Customer journey maps
•        Rulesets 
•        Attached files

Workflow Preferences is where you can make sure to keep things organized. Here's where you can use folders or tags or select the white label portal if you're using it. 

Order Details is where you provide additional information specifically for this order. This includes title, detailed instructions, and keywords for the piece. 

If you're placing multiple orders at once, you can add a new title and the system will add another Order Detail section for you. You can do that as many times as needed. 

Keep in mind that:

•        Information from all the other sections above the Title section will be applied individually to each order. 
•        Anything in the Detailed Order Instructions will only apply to that particular title above it. 

If you want to save everything that you just filled out as a template, head to the top of the form and hit Save as Template and enter a custom name for this template. 

If you have the adequate funds in your account to cover the cost of the order, you're good to go.

Hit Place the Order.

If you need to add funds, click the Deposit Funds button. A pop-up comes up at the top of the page, allowing you to deposit funds via PayPal or a credit card that you have on file. 

And don't worry; you won't lose any of the information that you've already entered about the order. 

If you're not quite ready to launch the order, you can Save as Draft and then come back later to launch it.