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Overview Manage Workflow

The Manage Workflow section of the platform lets you check out what's going on with all your orders at any given time. Make the most of this feature with tips in this video.

Transcription of Video

Now that you've placed an order, it's time to manage your workflow. Here’s how. 

When you log into WriterAccess, you'll see the main dashboard. Or you can head to the main dashboard by hitting Dashboard from anywhere in the system.

Any orders that you placed will be living in the Manage Workflow area in the main dashboard. If you take a quick peek, you'll immediately see what's going on with your orders. 

•        Pending Pickup: This is where an order goes after you place it and it's a waiting pickup from a writer. Hello, is anyone going to pick me up? At this stage you can open the order to make any changes in your instructions. 
•        In Progress: Once a writer picks up the order, it moves to In Progress. At this point, the talent is working on the order. You can see the deadline you set for the submission. And if you need to communicate with the writer at this stage, you can engage back and forth via messaging right on the order form or through the existing messaging thread you'll find in recent messages. 
•        Pending Approval: Once the talent submits the order, it goes through Copyscape and into the Pending Approval queue. Click on the title of the order to review the work and either approve it or to request revisions. 

o        Request revisions: If you do want to request revisions, you can highlight and leave comments on the text. When you click Request Revisions, you'll be able to submit your message in a text box. When you hit Confirm, it sends the order back to the writer for them to revise the copy per your suggestions. 
o        Approve: If you approve the content, it automatically pays the talent and then transfers the copyright to you. 

Head back to the main dashboard, and you'll see:

•        An Inactive queue for orders that you've deactivated
•        A Complete folder where you can view completed orders. You can make any edits or changes to completed orders that you'd like. This is also where you can organize your orders. Click the checkbox to the left of the title to archive an order, add folders and tags as desired, or export orders individually or in bulk. 

When we look at Manage Workflow in the left navigation, you'll see the same folders listed. You'll also see topic pitches if you've activated that option when you're placing orders. To make things even more fun, there's also a Visual Workflow option.