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Overview Find Talent

One of the biggest challenges for brands is finding just the right freelancer to complete their projects. Or at least that used to be their biggest challenge until they came to WriterAccess. Here you’re not only treated to a pool of more than 14,000 vetted, professional freelancers, but you get a variety of ways to find just the right one for you. This video shows you how.

Transcription of Video

Ready for the magic show to see how easy it is to find freelancers for your next project?

Magic Trick 1

Let's walk through the first of three tricks together: Advanced Search

1.        Click Find Talent.
2.        Then Advanced Search.
3.        Then Writers.

Notice that you can also filter by keyword search, specialty, star rating, industry experience, content experience, and even location. Yes, indeed. We've got all the bases covered to zero into the skills that you need. 

Simply make your selections and the results display the best talent for your project. 

We're not going to bother showing you hundreds and hundreds of writers. Instead, our algorithm surfaces only active clients that match your skills and requirements. 

Notice the star rating for each writer. Star ratings run from two to six stars. Star ratings are based upon performance, specialty, experience and customer reviews. The higher the star rating, the higher the quality you can expect. 

Higher star ratings also require a higher price per word for payments, so you'll need to consider that when you hire a freelancer. Also notice that you can view each writer's detailed profile to explore more information and portfolio samples. 

Once you've landed on a writer that you want to try, you can add them to your love list or team for future orders or casting calls, or just place an order with them directly right there.

Magic Trick 2

Ready for the magic trick number two? How to find freelancers using casting calls. 

This is one of our favorites, and recently upgraded based upon customer feedback. Casting calls is similar to a job posting. You describe your project and/or your requirements and freelancers apply for the gig.

Create a casting call: 

1.        Go to Find Talent. 
2.        Click Casting Call.

Be sure to describe the project instructions and any details or skills and expertise that you're looking for. 

Some customers use casting calls to build a team of freelancers for longer-term projects. 

Notice that you can send the casting call to the crowd, love list, or even one freelancer on our list. 

And check this out. You can set suggest ort request pricing for the project, depending on your needs. Even better, you can turn a casting call into an order once you pick the winning talent.

To manage your active casting calls:

1.        Go to Manage Workflow. 
2.        Click Casting Calls. 

Here you can review all the applicants who have applied and pick the winner. 

Magic Trick 3

Now, there is one more magical way to find writers, and that's called AI Search.

1.        Go to Find Talent.
2.        Click AI Search.
3.        Drop in a sample of text that's your gold standard. 

Our AI-powered algorithm scans the text and finds a match with writers that have created content with a similar tone and style. 

Look over the matches and add any writers to your love list for future orders or casting calls.

Now for some pro tips:

There is one more way to find the perfect writer, and that's from a personalized recommendation from our team. Simply click on the round circle with your initials on the top right corner of the admin area. Then click Schedule a Demo. 

We'll learn about your project, show you a few more tricks about the platform, and then recommend talent that will hit the ball out of the park.