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Manage Workflow Project Tags

You have your project folders to organize content into broad categories. Then you have your project tags for creating subsets within those categories. Those subsets can be based on the content type, content creator, different sub-topics, or any or all of the above. Learn more about using project tags in this video. 

Transcription of Video

Calling all you type A personalities out there: you're going to love project tags. Similar to project folders, project tags are a fabulous way to organize your content so that you can find it when you need it in a flash. 

1.        Go to the Manage Workflows section.
2.        Select Project Tags.
3.        Create the tags you need.

When you place an order, you can add tags in the workflow preferences section of the order form. You can even save these selections in an order template. 

Think about project folders as the main categories for your content, and then think about project tags as the smaller subsections. 

For instance, let's say you make a project folder for the month of April. You can create tags for the different types of content within the April folder, such as blogs, email, social post, or letters to the Easter Bunny. You get the idea. 

You can also use tags for recurring topics. So let's say that you regularly write about dogs or laundry soap or skydiving and Australia's North Wollongong beach. Create a tag for each of those topics. 

Then you can easily find all of your articles on each topic at a later date by simply sorting for the tag in the Manage Workflow section. 

Now for some pro tips:

Have a ton of team members creating content? Create tags with the team members' names on each of them, and then you'll be able to keep all of your content straight.

Don't be stingy. Create as many tags as you want, need, or that makes sense for your company. The sky is the limit.