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Manage Workflow Project Folders

Neat. Organized. Easy to find and easier to use. Those are words and phrases that describe your content when you use the project folder feature at WriterAccess. Stop wasting time searching through tons content that’s been thrown about willy-nilly. Keep it all keen and clean with tips from this video.

Transcription of Video

Messy, jumbled and lost orders can really slow down your workflow, not to mention tick off your clients. Keep everyone happy and everything organized with the project folders feature. Here's how. 

To create a project folder:

1.        Go to Manage Workflow.
2.        Click the Project Folder button.
3.        Click Add Project Folder and give the folder a name. 

Now, when you place an order, you can add it to a folder in your Workflow Preferences section of your order form. You can even save that selection in an order template. 

If you ever realize you never created a folder, you can click the Add New folder button to create one on the fly. 

Now for some pro tips:

•        If you're an agency, it's definitely worth creating a folder for each client. The transaction report under the account can be used to track spend per folder. So it's a super way to track spend per client. 

•        If you produce a lot of different types of content, like blog posts or social media posts and emails, then create a folder for each different type of content. 

•        Keep things organized chronologically by creating monthly folders and organizing by date. 

•        When you have to look through a folder to find something, go to Complete in the Managed Workflow section, select the folder you want to access, then click Review the Contents. Aha! There it is.