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Manage Workflow Order Labels

Organization keeps the workflow strong, and you can stay more organized than ever with order labels. Order labels are a tool that let you quickly identify your content, with the option of creating five main labels to serve as the organizational framework. Check out this video for more.

Transcription of Video

How do you deal with orders that need to be classified under specific categories that go beyond folders or tags? I'll tell you how. You take them and you throw them in the trash. Just kidding. 

You create order labels. This is a tool that lets you create labels to quickly identify your content. 

To create custom order labels:
1.        Go to Streamline Workflow. 
2.        Click Order Labels. You can enter up to five order labels to differentiate your content.
3.        Click Save Labels, and then you're done. 

Now when you go to place an order, you'll see the order labels in the titles section. Here's where you can always enter additional information needed for a particular label. 

When you view your launched orders, you can sort by labels and the More tab. Think of labels as just another way to organize and distinguish your content using the five main categories. 

This can also serve as tags or folders if you're launching an order that contains multiple titles. Tags and folders need to be applied to the entire order, no matter how many titles it contains. Order labels let you distinguish between the titles of the same order without doing a bulk order.