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Intelligence Tools BuzzSumo

Most content marketers have heard of BuzzSumo, and now all marketers subscribed to WriterAccess can get up close and personal with it. You'll find a version of the BuzzSumo tool built right into the platform, providing insights that help you create better content poised to grab interest and win fans. This video gives you the lowdown on what you can learn and how to learn it using BuzzSumo on WriterAccess.  

Transcription of Video

Our BuzzSumo insights tool is a terrific resource for finding the hottest online topics, content and influencers. 

Here's how to use it:
1.        Go to platform tools
2.        Click BuzzSumo insights
3.        Type in your industry or a topic that you are considering

Let's say we were toying around with the idea of writing about toy soldiers. We type in our phrase, hit Enter. And we're treated to a variety of info.

Linking domains shows websites that have been linked to that content. It's a way to improve your website's domain authority, if you get a bunch of websites to link to your content. 

The evergreen score indicates the ability of a topic to maintain its relevance for a long time. 

You can also filter by a timeframe or how recent a piece is, content type, country language and more. 

The influencers tab shows you who is talking about the topic, a great resource for finding collaborators. 

Note that Twitter is the primary medium analyzed here, something to keep in mind when searching out influencers in this tab. You can drill down further to sort by influencers or type, whether you want to find a company’s notable influencers or the average individual. 

The trending content tab shows you content that's been gaining lots of traction and has had some recent action. Here you might find social media content worthy of a blog post or a blog post worthy of sharing on social media. 

Now for some pro tips:

•        When you're determining where your content should be used, remember people typically head to social media to be entertained but head to the internet to search for information.