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Intelligence Tools Buyer Personas

One of the coolest features at WriterAccess is the Buyer Persona Builder. Not only are you able to create a highly detailed profile of your ideal customer, but you can create as many of them as you like. Once you fine-tune and save your buyer personas, you can easily attach them to content briefs or directly to orders so freelancers get a good view of your target audience. This video gets you started.

Transcription of Video

A buyer persona is a profile of your ideal customer, and you can create one right here at WriterAccess. 

Here's how:

1.        Head to the left-hand menu 
2.        Go to Streamline Workflow
3.        Then go to Asset Library 
4.        Click the zero (0) above Buyer Personas
5.        Click Create New Persona
6.        Give the person a name, job title and gender

Let's create Fred. He's a bakery owner and he's male. Explain the situation or what's going on in your persona’s life that makes them want to buy from you. 

So Fred is having trouble paying his bills because his business is not making enough dough. Get it?

Now outline how your business is the solution to the problem. How does your product or service address your persona’s situation and resolve the complexities? 

Determining behaviors and influencers comes next. How would Fred describe himself to others? What are his traits? Fred’s probably like, “I'm a stand-up guy. I’m Fred.”

Engagement styles shows where Fred will be engaging with your content, whether it's on YouTube or LinkedIn or your emails or your blog. 

What would make him buy from you? Convince him that you're good at it. Is it a download or is it a podcast? Is it a banner ad, an e-course, a lemon meringue pie? Fred’s like, “I already got enough pies. I don't need any more pies. Give me an e-book.”

Most effective marketing campaigns have a mix of both paid and organic traffic. So choose the delivery method that works best for your target audience. 

Service solution priorities and values come next. And you'll need to be as detailed as you can get. What's more important to Fred when it comes to finding a solution? 

•        Is it time or is it price? 
•        Is it a quality product or exceptional customer service? 

And if you don't know the answer to these questions, then you really don't know Fred.

You also need to be equally in tune with your persona’s values, as they play a role in how you communicate and the language that you use.

Save your persona so that you can include it in your creative briefs. 

Now for some pro tips:

•        Consider creating a buyer persona for each stage in your customer journey map. That just makes it easier to create content than meets each of your personas right where they're at. 

•        If you need more details on your customers, talk to your sales team. The more details you can provide here, the easier it's going to be for your writer to create content that connects with your target audience. 

Fred would be like, “I feel like this was written just for me. This was made for me.”