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Find Talent Premium Talent

Editors. Translators. Content strategists. What do these three specialists have in common? Why, they’re all available for hire for premium members through the WriterAccess platform. Editors can give your content a final polish, while translators put it into another language. Content strategists can help with your content planning, prioritizing, and even publishing. This video shows you how to access and connect with this trio of content pros.

Transcription of Video

Premium members can hire content strategists, translators and editors right from the WriterAccess platform to streamline their workflow even more. 

Here's how:
1.        On your premium account, go to Find Talent 
2.        Click Advanced Search

Here you'll be able to browse profiles of our editors, translators and content strategists.

Editors can give your content a final look-through to ensure that there are exactly zero grammatical and spelling errors. Now, higher star-level editors can even help with deeper editing, such as style or tone, or even fact checking. 

Translators can translate your content into another language to broaden its reach. 

Content strategies can help you to prioritize your content needs, create and execute your content plan, manage your writers, and even publish your content for you. 

Now for some pro tips:

•        Consider setting up a conference call with your chosen editor, translator or content strategies to ensure that they're a good fit for your needs. 

•        Strategists have a huge range of knowledge and can be a fantastic resource for insights into different campaign strategies. Or you can hire them in a consulting role to get an outsider perspective. 

•        Review individual profiles to check the background experience level of editors and strategies. A single person may be able to fill two vital roles, such as editing and publishing your content.

If you need even more help keeping your content marketing on track, check out our managed services tier where we can do all the heavy lifting for you.