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Find Talent BYO Talent

The advanced features and tools in WriterAccess makes creating content a snap. And if you want to get even snappier, premium members can bring their own talent to the platform. This puts all your content AND your creators in a single place. You're able to manage the workflow, see all orders in all their stages at a glance, and easily track who is working on what, and when. We even take care of issuing the payments to your talent. Check out this video to see how easy it is to set up and use the BYO Talent feature.

Transcription of Video

Premium level members can bring their own talent into the WriterAccess platform to have all their talent in one place. 

Here's how to set up your own talent:

•        Go to Find Talent
•        Bring your own talent
•        Click Send Invite to their email address

Your talent will receive an invitation to set up a profile. 

We're very selective about the writers that we let onto the platform, and we normally put them through a very stringent process to ensure that they're the best of the best. 

But if you say that they're cool and want to bring them on board to work with you exclusively, we’ll expedite the process to get them in the system as soon as possible. 

We'll also adjust the payouts. Our normal split with writers is 70/30, where a writer access gets 30% of the order of the price and writers get 70%.

For writers that you bring on board to work with you, the split is 90/10. Your writers get 90% and we get 10%.

If your writer decides they want to take work from other clients through the platform, then they will have to apply through the required channels and receive the standard rate for work with clients other than you. 

Of course, having all of your talent in one place is going to save you a ton of time that you would otherwise spend sending separate emails or doing additional creative briefs or dealing with invoice payments. 

Bring your friends and keep all the awesomeness organized in one place. That's all for me. I'll see you in the next video.