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Topic Pitches


You're short on time.
We're big on pitches.

You may not have time to research or develop topic ideas for articles or posts that would engage your readers and support your search marketing goals. No worries. Simply select Topic Pitch on the order form in the Workflow Setup section and the writer will pitch you a topic within 24 hours, no charge.


Add some details.
Narrow down the search.

Be sure to offer some details and guidance with your order, like keywords phrases, ideas to consider, do's or don'ts for direction, topic to ponder and research, or examples of great topics that would resonate with your audience.


Approve the work.
Move things along.

You'll receive an alert when topic ideas are ready for review. Simply log on and approve one of the topic ideas to move things along. Or reject the topic with any explanation for future betterment. You can always add your own topic idea, to keep the orders flowing.


Approve one topic.
Or approve them all!

You'll receive at least one topic idea when you request a topic pitch, as part of the terms and conditions. But you may receive more than one idea that you like, and "bank it" for a later date that you submit to the writer who pitched the idea. Access this bank of topics under Rejected Pitches in the left navigation Manage Workflow section.