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Stylemetrics Matcher


Check out the magic.
Give AI matching a try.

For prospect customers, we've created a cool way to showcase how we use AI to help you find the perfect writer. It's a public page on the site, and it's free for any and all to give it a try.


Drop in your text.
AI goes to work.

Simply drop in your text. And we'll instantly analyze the text to create a profile of the author projecting their big five personality characteristics with our patent pending algorithm that uses language analysis tools to make recommendations.


We analyze the text.
And make the match.

The analysis of the sample text gives us the big personality "coordinates" that we need to make recommendations. In seconds, we scan more than 1 million projects and samples created by our writers to pinpoint similar coordinates for the match.


You get the report.
And the recommendations.

All the writer recommendations are presented to you on a personal URL (PURL), filtered by industry, so you can scan summary profiles or dive deeper into each writers profile to see how you can put the power of AI to work if you become a member.