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Onboarding Writers


Select your team.
Onboard them well.

You'll find plenty of writers that have the experience you need for just about any type of project. The challenge is onboarding writers to your writing style, brand personality, and requirements. Start by documenting what you need with clarity, listing mistakes to avoid, and samples for guidance.


We can't read minds.
We can learn with feedback.

Sure. You can approve content with ease and make your own revisions to orders to take them to the next level. But taking the time to request revisions or provide feedback will go a long way to helping writers exceed your expectations consistently, always our goal.


How revisions work.
Why everybody wins.

When your writer delivers an order for approval, you'll have the opportunity to review and approve the work. Not delighted? Requesting revisions helps writers learn how to craft content that meets your expectations, removing some of the guesswork.


Still not delighted?
Still no worries.

You can request unlimited revisions with any order, with delight guaranteed or you don't pay. We do require at least one round of revisions before we'll provide you a credit for the order upon request, to give our talent the opportunity to right the ship and meet your expectations.


How our algorithm works.
What you should know.

Our algorithm tracks writers' performance and customer ratings, helping us surface the best talent in real time. But we've learned over the years to respect and encourage order revision requests, and not penalize writers too quickly. It's an art and science we've mastered.