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Like and Love Lists


Find freelancers you like.
And a few you love.

Once you find the best writers you want to try out on a project, you'll add them to a Like List or Love List for easy access and order placement. You can either place an order for one of the writers on your list or to a group of writers you select from your list.


Time to place an order.
Select a writer(s) on your list.

When it's time to place an order, you'll be able to select writers from your Like or Love List that become eligible for the order, first-come, first-served.


Build out your teams.
Crank out your content.

Once you add writers to your Like or Love List, you can group them into teams. For example, you may want a pool of writers that have special expertise in an industry. Or a band of SEO experts with copywriting skills. Place your orders, select your team, good to go.


Block some writers.
Cleanify search results.

Finding the perfect writer is an art and science, that's for sure. You'll find imperfections along the way, as part of the natural process. Blocking writers clears them out of your search results, so you or other team members don't waste time.


How lists work.
Why you win.

When you select a freelancer to your Like, Love, Block or Team list, there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Each selection is like a "vote" for that freelancer that helps us surface the best freelancers to the top of the search results, so you can find the best freelancers, fast.