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Casting Calls


Post a Casting Call.
Pick the winner.

When you post a Casting Call, freelancers apply within hours, and you pick the winner(s). We figured the concept works pretty well for casting directors, so why not you.


Two types of Casting Calls.
This one is FREE!

If you click on Find Talent in the left navigation and then Casting Call, you'll find the FREE Casting Call version that offers a quick way to find writers in the community. Try and be as detailed AND concise about your project in the form, so freelancers can apply if they feel their skills align with your needs.


Go with the paid Casting Call.
Writers apply in droves.

For better Casting Call results, go to Place an Order and then select Casting Call when you place the order. Because you're paying for this order and providing more detailed instructions, freelancers will likely apply in hoards. It will open up to freelancers who may apply if they match your requirements, and the winner you pick will be able to work on your order.


Look for personal response.
Screen for particular skills.

So many responses, so little time. Look for freelancers who display personal interest your order description, and confirm their expertise and savvy is a great match for the project. The paid version of Casting Call will tend to motivate more personalized responses.


Catch the rising stars.
Avoid haggling rates.

Casting Calls are extremely popular with new freelancers eager to perform, earn exceed expectations ratings, and move up in the search results and star ratings. Request pricing from freelancers to avoid any haggling, and pick the best priced winner!