Visualization for

Buyer Personas


Define the audience.
Tap emotional intelligence.

The best writers are like actors that know how to get under the skin of the target audience. To help writers better understand the target audience, you'll want to create Buyer Personas that offer the insights writers need to create content that connects and engages the audience.


Learn their story.
And how they feel.

Developing personas is challenging, requiring research and customer interviews understand their story and emotional challenges. Ask customers one core question: Bring me back to the day that you made the decision to buy our products or services... what were you thinking with that decision?


Document their story.
Feel their pain.

The more a writer can understand about the buyer, the more likely they are to create content that connects and engages the audience, and earns trust along the way. Use our Buyer Persona template to paint the full picture for each persona.


Cover all the bases.
Track persona success.

When placing orders, be sure to tag the persona for the writer so they can flex their style to mimic the emotions of the persona with a targeted tone and style that better earns trust and propels the buying decision.


Cover all the bases.
Content for all personas.

If you choose to use our Persona Builder and select a personas(s) with orders, you can track how much content you're creating for each persona to cover all the content bases, and better support all customers through their buying process.