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Bulk Uploads


Go big with WriterAccess.
Bulk orders are easy.

Big time clients go big with WriterAccess using our bulk order import tool that make it fast and easy to upload orders from spreadsheets. Specify when you need each order, and which writers are eligible for the work.


Customize each order.
Personalize the instructions.

Just about all the features of the order form can be used with bulk order imports, including keyword requirements, eligible writers, instructions, topic pitch requests, special order instructions, staggered order launch dates, pricing, delivery requirements, creative briefs, project folders and much more.


How uploads work.
Why you win.

Let's say you're using an Excel spreadsheet to organize all of the orders you wish to place. Simply load up the spreadsheet using the Import tab under Place Orders, then Writing. All of your order information from Excel will drop into the order form for your review before placing the order. Our wizard kicks in to make sure all the fields map to the right place.


Try the bulk wizard.
The magic happens fast.

Try our Bulk Upload Wizard to generate a spreadsheet with all of the fields you plan to fill out for your orders, giving you the master template to use for all clients for super-bulk uploads that specify project folders, order tags and more.