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Finding talent is easy.
Try advanced search.

Ok, you found it. Try the advanced search under Find Talent in the left navigation to quickly search for and find writers, editors, translators, and content strategists who have the skills and expertise you need for projects. Click the talent type you're looking for under Find Talent to access the advanced search.


Aim for the stars.
Quality aligned with price.

You can expect more when you pay more for content at WriterAccess. Our star rating system makes it easy. Select higher star ratings when you use advanced search, and get higher quality content from writers we certify based on performance and customer reviews.


Remove the guesswork.
Filter by skills and expertise.

Advanced search allows you to filter for freelancers with specific industry expertise, writing styles and skill sets, elite talent, and more. Heck, you can even search by keyword, buzzword or a geographic area if you need local expertise.


Dive into the profiles.
Find writers you love.

Dive into core skills with the search results, and then dive even deeper into freelancers' profiles to learn more about their experience, industry knowledge, education, credentials and skills. You'll add your favorites to a Like List or Love List, which we'll cover next.