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Pricing Managed Service

How does Managed Service work?

Managed Service is a month-to-month offering which can be added to your subscription at any time without any long-term commitments. Take a look at our Managed Service page for more information and specifics on how we can do all the heavy lifting, giving you more time to focus on running your business or agency. Find the page here:

How much does it cost and what are the terms?

Choose from two options for Managed Service, depending on how much heavy lifting you want us to take on. Managed Service Essentials is $349/month, and Advanced is $749/Month. The fee includes fast-track setup services, onboarding, training, talent selection and management, and more. Both options are month to month, so you can cancel anytime. And you purchase content separately, at your own price point and pace.

Is the monthly membership fee included in the Managed Service monthly fee if I upgrade?

Managed Service is NOT included in the monthly subscription fee. It certainly may be purchased separately, with no long-term commitment required. Managed service includes things like order setup, freelancer recommendations, and workflow management so you have more time to run your business.

Will the Managed Service program help me find the perfect freelancer(s)?

Yes. With direct access to all of our freelancers and insights from 1 million orders delivered to 25,000 customers, your Dedicated Success Manager with the Managed Service program will help you find our best freelancers, pronto. Advanced search makes matchmaking easy, especially with our new AI Style Search that uses text analysis of any sample you provide to connect you with ideal writers. We can also host style contests for freelancers to compete for your business, and you pick the winner.

How much of my time is required for the Managed Service program?

For Essentials Managed Service customers, the onboard program requires a few meetings to learn how to approve content, research images and get the feel for the platform. Our goal with both Essentials and Advanced Managed Service is to get your workflow on autopilot. And for Managed Service Advanced customers, we’ll provide even more support so you have more time to run your business.


What is the integration setup for the Managed Service program?

If appropriate, your MS team will help to set up any integrations you might need with HubSpot, WordPress, Google Analytics,, Droople, and dozens more. Publishing integrations make it easy to publish approved content directly from WriterAccess to integrated platforms with a single click. Analytics integrations help us track content performance with monthly reports. All our integrations are FREE, and can be set up in just a few minutes.

Could you explain what comes with Advanced vs. Essentials Managed Service?

Essentials is our premium service tailored to businesses or agencies that want to streamline or scale content creation services. We do lots of heavy lifting with Essentials, including workflow setup, talent management, and style development or guidance to exceed expectations. Advanced service takes on even more, including image research, keyword optimization cadence and custom publishing to your platforms or CMS. You can also purchase à la carte services with Advanced, like SEO audits, keyword research and content strategy services to transform your business into a content marketing machine, or boost your agency’s services at scale.

What's involved with workflow management setup?

With both Essentials and Advanced, we set up clear order descriptions, specifications and requirements necessary to achieve goals, something we’ve mastered over the years. We then recruit and onboard writers, making sure they understand how to deliver what you want, when you need it. And we handle writer questions and communication, to save you time and keep the work flowing. For Advanced customers that purchase à la carte services, we make sure content strategists deliver the solutions you need to achieve your content marketing goals.

What is the "topic calendar" with Managed Service Essentials?

You can have writers pitch you topic ideas with self-service membership. But Managed Service Essentials takes it one step further with advanced topic management. It includes a rundown on what you’ve published to date and your optimization strategy, along with the development of a topic calendar rooted in the data and research designed to help you achieve performance goals.

How does Managed Service work for agencies?

Both Essentials and Advanced make it faster and easier to have one member of your team manage content for 50 clients or more. We set up our white label solution designed specifically for agencies, enabling your clients to login to YOUR website to approve orders or request revisions. You simply set up the domain name, and your clients login without seeing any WriterAccess branding. And you can set up your portal with options to co-create creative briefs, customer journey maps and buyer personas to help writers create better content. But that’s just the beginning of the added value we provide to agencies with our service: Our mission is to do the heavy lifting so you can scale.

Explain the a la carte options for Advanced service?

For a fully developed content strategy designed to grow your traffic, boost your lead flow and drive revenue, you’ll want to consider purchasing à la carte services powered by our platform content strategists and team members. Some of the services are fast and easy to produce, like the SEO audit, keyword research and search optimization. But others are more strategic and require months to execute. Discuss all the à la carte services with your Success Manager to pick the winners that will help you achieve your goals.

Can you invoice me for Managed Service?

Yes. Give us a call and we'll set up monthly payment by invoice for Managed Service and begin work when payment is received.

Can I change my member level any time and how does that work?

Sure. Simply login to adjust your Managed Service tier, or move to one of our self-service plans. It’s all month to month, and you can change or cancel any time.