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My Account User Management

Please explain the user types and the user role permissions.

We have a few different user types at WriterAccess, set up for different types of customers with different needs.

  • Account Owner. Owns the account. Manage all users, deposits, clients, BYO freelancers, with full project management.
  • Admin. Manage all users (not Account Owner), deposits, clients, BYO freelancers, with full project management access.
  • Users. Manage all users (not Admin or Owner), deposits, clients, BYO freelancers, with more limited project management access.
  • Clients. Can only access the white label portal to approve content or request revisions.
  • BYO Talent. Invited by user, Admin, or Account Manager to join WriterAccess as a freelancer with automatic approval for projects directed to the BYO talent.

Agencies or larger companies tend to have many different types of users, especially if they are using the white label solution. Smaller companies can handle the workflow with just one user, easily.

Why the 10% processing fee if I bring my own writers?

We do charge a 10% fee on the orders you place with your BYO talent.


Those fees are applied to hard costs like credit card processing (4%) that we pay when you pay your writer with a credit card through our platform, then another PayPal fee that we are charged to pay the talent through our processing gateway.

Soft costs are also included, like the software that you will be using to place orders, manage workflow, verify originality of each order with Copyscape, and payroll service to all freelancers every two weeks. This also includes early payment of the cash-on-demand if your freelancer decides they can’t wait for the two-week pay cycle.

Turns out, it's expensive to host BYO freelancers, and build the software they need for success.

Can our BYO writers and editors, CMMs, and other team members easily access all the tools, stock images, and other features without any additional fees?

Yes. Depending on which tier you sign up for, you'll be granted access for either one user, 10 users, or unlimited users to the WriterAccess Platform. All your users will have full access to the masterful suite of tools that do vary by tier. You’re also treated to delightful support and our promise that you’ll save lots of time and energy with our solution when you start to really look closely at the workflow tools we’ve mastered and perfected over the last decade.

Will my BYO talent have access to other projects with other WriterAccess customers?

Our freelancers work for multiple clients in the platform and have access to other gigs. However, when you bring your own writers to WriterAccess, you can block them from seeing the other gigs as they work exclusively on your gigs, if that helps.

Just note that “gating” BYO talent is not always that successful, as writers can sign up with a different email address for full access to the platform and the gigs. Freelancers really need to be FREE, especially with California’s AB 5 legislation, for example.