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My Account Terms and Conditions

Who owns the copyright on the content?

Once you approve and pay for content from any freelancer contracted through WriterAccess, you own the copyright. If you do not approve the content, the freelancer owns the copyright and can use it with another client.

How do I keep my account "active" so I don't lose my account deposit?

Logging in at least once every 365 days keeps your account active. If you log in within a year, your remaining deposit amount will extend another year, from the last date of your log in.

If you don’t log in for a period of 365 days, your existing deposit is forfeited. These terms relate to any deposit you make for freelance services. We simply want you to use the funds you deposit for freelance services each year, so we can report revenue and pay taxes properly for all the transactional revenue each year.

What is your subscription cancellation policy?

Test out WriterAccess with our 14-day free trial. After the two-week trial period, you’ll be charged monthly for the service, and you can cancel the next month’s payments any time. Annual deposits for subscription fees are not refundable. Simply notify us by email, phone or help desk ticket to cancel your account.