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How It Works Finding Freelancers

How do I find writers and other freelancers?

You can find a detailed video on finding talent in our video tutorial section. For your convenience, we’ve also posted an adaptation of the video transcript below:

Finding Freelancers

Ready for the magic show to see how easy it is to find freelancers for your next project?

Magic Trick 1

Let's walk through the first of three tricks together: Advanced Search


  1. Click Find Talent.
  2. Then Advanced Search.
  3. Then Writers or Designers or whatever talent you need.

Notice that you can also filter by keyword search, specialty, star rating, industry experience, content experience, and even location. Yes, indeed. We've got all the bases covered to zero into the skills you need.

Simply make your selections and the results display the best talent for your project.

We're not going to bother showing you hundreds and hundreds of freelancers. Instead, our algorithm surfaces only active clients that match your skills and requirements.

Notice the star rating for each freelancer. Star ratings run from two to six stars. Star ratings are based upon performance, specialty, experience and customer reviews. The higher the star rating, the higher the quality you can expect.

Higher star ratings also require a higher price per word or per project for payments, so you'll need to consider that when you hire a freelancer. Also notice you can view each talent’s detailed profile to explore more information and portfolio samples.

Once you've landed on a freelancer that you want to try, you can add them to your love list or team for future orders or casting calls, or just place an order with them directly right there.

Magic Trick 2

Ready for magic trick number two? How to find freelancers using casting calls.

This is one of our favorites, and it was recently upgraded based on customer feedback. A casting call is similar to a job posting. You describe your project and/or your requirements and freelancers apply for the gig.

Create a casting call:


  1. Go to Find Talent.
  2. Click Casting Call.

Be sure to describe the project instructions and any details or skills and expertise that you're looking for.

Some customers use casting calls to build a team of freelancers for longer-term projects.

Notice you can send the casting call to the crowd, love list, or even one freelancer on your list.

And check this out. You can set suggest or request pricing for the project, depending on your needs. Even better, you can turn a casting call into an order once you pick the winning talent.

To manage your active casting calls:


  1. Go to Manage Workflow.
  2. Click Casting Calls.

Here you can review all the applicants who have applied and pick the winner.

Magic Trick 3

Now, there is one more magical way to specifically find writers, and that's called AI Search.


  1. Go to Find Talent.
  2. Click AI Search.
  3. Drop in a sample of text that's your gold standard.

Our AI-powered algorithm scans the text and finds a match with writers that have created content with a similar tone and style.

Look over the matches and add any writers to your love list for future orders or casting calls.

Now for some pro tips:

There is one more way to find the perfect freelancer, and that's from a personalized recommendation from our team. Simply click on the round circle with your initials on the top right corner of the admin area. Then click Schedule a Demo.

We'll learn about your project, show you a few more tricks about the platform, and then recommend talent that will hit the ball out of the park.


How can I find credentialed freelancers with advanced degrees or certifications?

We have many, many writers with credentials in industries, including degrees, certifications, awards, experience, special training, and projects completed. The same holds true for other freelancers.

You’ll also find 74 different categories to help you pinpoint talent with the experience and skills you need.

To find the particular credentials or training you may require, we would suggest you host a Casting Call with your requirements, and freelancers will apply for you to choose the winner(s).

Where are your freelancers based? Can we find content creators based in other countries?

We have talent pools in the U.S., Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, and New Zealand. We also have translators for those looking for content written in a language other than American English.

It's also very possible to work with our writers to create the content in English and then work with a translator as your next step. You would then have both versions.

Feel free to chat live with our team for recommendations on content creators by sharing a few specifics on the project.

Do we get/pick freelancers based on style? Can we outline a brand style to follow? Does that make a difference in star rating, the more specific we get?

Take a look at writers' profiles and portfolio samples to view writing tone and style samples. 

Text samples of a particular brand's tone and style are wonderfully helpful for writers, so please do include samples with your orders. The same is true for any Casting Calls you may launch. Submit the sample brand style in the area where you describe the project, and request writers who can create a similar tone and style apply for the project.

The higher the star rating, the more advanced a writer's skills, and the more likely they will be to "flex" their style to align with any sample you submit or point them to for guidance.

In the end, all our freelancers at any star level and price point must adhere to your requests, or not pick up the order. Failure to deliver on your requirements could result in penalties, including lowering their star level.

Do you have freelancers trained for websites, landing/sales page copy, edits, and design, or is it more blog, press and PR-oriented?

The vast scope of freelance talent in our pool means you'll likely find talent with the skills and expertise you need for nearly anything you need—including website, landing and sales page copy, edits, and design. To date, you can search 74 industries and more than 200 project types and specialty skills. Can't find the expertise you're looking for? No worries, catch us on live chat for recommendations, and you'll find our support team is truly the best on the planet.

Wondering if you have skilled writers/communicators familiar with the following niches: Dentists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Accountants, Financial Planners?

Yes on all of the above. To find them, you can use an advanced search tool featuring filters for industry, skill, and project experience to find talent with the expertise you need. You can also host a Casting Call or several Casting Calls to recruit writers with your special requirements, and pick the winners that meet your needs. Or you can reach out with our Live Chat with our team during business hours for hassle-free suggestions and recommendations.