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Benefits Workflow Tools

Where are the buyer persona builder, customer journey mapper, and WriterAccess Academy located?

When you log in to your account, go to the top right navigation (circle with your initials), and you will have access to the WA Academy there.

To access the customer journey map and buyer persona, go to:


  1. Streamline Workflow on your left navigation
  2. Click on Asset Library
  3. And find both tools located there
How do I use the platform tools?

You can find all the tools accessible to your account by heading to your dashboard, then clicking on Platform Tools on the left-hand side of the screen. You'll find lots of great tools to explore to help you find the hot topics, optimize content for the search engines, track content performance, find writers using text analysis, and much more. Most tools are included in the Basic Membership, but some tools and integrations are exclusive for higher tiers.

How can I get a deep dive into your features and tools?

Take a look at our video tutorial section, featuring a number of guides on how most of our features and tools work, with more videos coming soon. Here's the link:

What workflow tools are integrated into the WriterAccess platform, and what is the $ value?

Here’s a brief list of the special integrations and AI-powered tools designed to make all your content marketing tasks and workflow simple and easy.

Software tools we’ve integrated into the platform for members:

  • Surfer SEO Light, Normally $79/Month
  • BuzzSumo Light, Normally $99/Month
  • GrepWords Light, Normally $49/Month
  • SpyFu SERP Tracking (Limit 5,000 Keywords), Normally $39/Month
  • Copyscape, Normally $19.00/Month +, Free with Each Order, No Limit
  • Storyblocks Image Library, Normally $30/Month
  • Getty Images Library, $6/Image, Normally $10 to $30/Image
  • ShutterStock Library, $7/Image, Normally $29/Month

Workflow tools we’ve developed to do in minutes what would take hours:

  • AI-Powered Style Matcher, find talent fast
  • Language Grader
  • Customer Journey Map Builder
  • Buyer Persona Builder
  • Creative Brief Builder
  • Keyword Performance Reports
  • Language Grader
  • White Label Portal
  • BYO Talent and Users
  • Publish to WordPress, HubSpot, Twitter, Zapier, Many More

Having all these resources under one roof helps you streamline the workflow and save timeand money. Select from three pricing tiers for the perfect tools, integrations, and software to meet your needs.

Please note that our integrations are also limited according to the terms and conditions of our licensing contracts, which typically run year to year. For example, our BuzzSumo license offers the ability to type in a keyword phrase and instantly view: most shared, top influencers, and trending content, with options to sort by platform, days, or type. Note this is not the entire BuzzSumo suite of tools.

We often replace integration partners if we find new partners that offer better or more accurate/reliable services.

How does the Storyblocks licensing work, and the rights to use the images moving forward?

If you are a member of WriterAccess and download any images from Storyblocks, you’ll have the rights to those images with the terms of our agreement with Storyblocks, even if our yearly contract with Storyblocks is not continued for any reason. 

The same is true for Getty Images and Shutterstock, and any images you purchase and download from those libraries.

Our Storyblock offering is for images only and is available via our API. This is similar to the individual license that offers up to the $20K indemnification level. As for renewing our Storyblock contract, we’re now in our fourth year with them and do not anticipate any changes moving forward. But the future, as we have seen this last year, is hard to predict, subject to many changes on both their end and ours.

Can you tell me more about the BuzzSumo integration?

We offer BuzzSumo Light at WriterAccess. it enables you to submit a keyword to see results for popular topics, top influences, and trending content—like a magic genie. It’s a small part of the BuzzSumo offering, but a big help for content managers looking for topic insights and ideas that can be transformed into orders quickly.

Can you tell me about your MarketMuse integration?

MarketMuse purchased GrepWords, and as such, we needed to include both the MarketMuse and GrepWords logos for accuracy. But our CEO personally knows the fabulous team at MarketMuse, and we’re working on new integrations that may surface soon if all goes well—but no promises or announcement quite yet 🙂

Can you tell me about the SpyFu SERP tracking of keywords? What are the limits for keywords, domains, etc.?

SpyFu was one of our very first integrations at WriterAccess, and a really great one for customers looking to track the performance of the content created and purchased at WriterAccess.

We do limit SpyFu SERP tracking to 5,000 keywords per account, with an unlimited number of domain names that you can submit for tracking. The SERP tracking from SpyFu is monthly and pretty basic, with no mobile, desktop, or “localization” display or options.

Each month you can access a keyword reports powered by SpyFu for each domain you enter, along with the keyword list you submit to track, and an optional link to pull in your Google Analytics traffic.

This gives you a monthly report on your search engine listing positions for your selected domain. It includes data such as top position gains and losses, and website traffic from Google. All this helps content managers sort out which keywords to target for the next batch of content ordered at WriterAccess.

I would expect that we’ll continue onward for the long haul with our amazing SpyFu partnership. But our integration partners sign yearlong contracts with us, subject to their own conditions and situation, so we’re always on the lookout to replace providers or software for whatever reason.

Is Frase integrated with WriterAccess?

Frase looks very similar to Surfer SEO, which we just integrated with WriterAccess. Surfer SEO enables WA customers to order guidelines from within WA, and then requires writers to optimize content according to score requirements.

When we get enough interest in Frase (or other tools marketers love to use), we do reach out to the tool creators and study their API. Together we determine if we can bolt in integration and welcome the new tools aboard in a way that creates a win-win for customers, writers, and fans—the same way we did with Surfer SEO.

Would it be acceptable to only use the tools available on your platform, and potentially never use the content writing service?

It’s certainly acceptable to use the tools as a paid monthly member and even bring in your own writers to use the tools and platform to create the content you need and manage the workflow. But we’re not really in business to be a tool provider with the constant upgrading and updating of the tools required for success. We suspect our tools integration list to expand and change as we move forward with clients that have different needs and goals.