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Benefits Agencies/White Label

How "trainable" are the freelancers for brand and agency processes?

With more than 2 million projects created for 40,000 customers—and 40% of those orders delivered to agencies—you'll find that WriterAccess freelancers are dialed into the workflow process required for content marketing success.

Do reach out to our support team for tricks of the trade for building a great team of freelancers that can hit the ground running with experience working within your workflow and process to save time. Onboarding, as it turns out, is an art and science that we've mastered over the last decade, and we're happy to share the secrets for success.

Most of our freelancers are looking to deliver the steady stream of content clients need these days for content marketing success, especially if the client pays fair rates that can flex with project complexity, visibility, and research requirements.



How does the white label solution work with my clients?

Our white label portal is used for the content approval process and simple communication between you (agency) and clients (your clients). Your clients will access a custom portal you set up at or for private access managed in your WriterAccess account. Your clients will simply review and approve content you ordered for them, and pay for the content in your account. Your clients will not order any content from WriterAccess; only you, the agency, can order content through your account.


Agencies can also send clients to WriterAccess and earn commissions for each new member including a 10% referral fee for future transactions. Earnings are either added to your account or paid out with withdrawals with just one click.

Please request a demo for more information, and we'll show you how it all works!

I'd like more information on the white label—how flexible is it?

Our white label solution was designed for agencies or brands supporting content creation services for clients. Agencies set up the workflow for clients and place orders for them, and those orders then get sent to the clients for approval in the white label solution, which is free of any WriterAccess branding.

You can then get approval or feedback from your clients, and make any changes, or send back to the writer for changes. You can also add in your logo, and we’ll soon have a simple color palette builder to make it easy to align the portal with your brand.

Using your white label option, can we become a SaaS reseller of your platform?

The white label solution is really designed for agencies to scale content, not SaaS-type offers that would resell our business.

Why would I bring my Upwork contractors to WriterAccess?

It would not make sense to bring your Upwork freelancers to WriterAccess, and would likely infringe your terms and conditions. However,

For customers with their own pool of freelancers, there are many benefits of our BYO talent program:

  • Payment to freelancers every two weeks for all approved projects
  • Early payment for approved projects ($7 fee writers pay out of their account)
  • Copyscape originality verification on each order
  • Rulesets for order requirements freelancers must check off before delivering
  • Integration with Surfer SEO Content Brief and Content Scoring to be sure content is optimized for the search engines
  • Tools writers and customers (you) can use to find trending topics (BuzzSumo) or keyword suggestions (GrepWords)
  • SpyFu SERP tracking of keywords
  • Access to the Storyblocks image library for free images, and the Getty and Shutterstock image libraries
  • Intelligence tools coming soon, lots in the pipeline, designed to use AI to help create better content, faster