Style Contests
Everybody wins!

Finding the perfect writer for a project
can be challenging. Until now. Launch a
Style Contest and remove the guesswork.

How the style contests works and why everybody wins!

Step 1
Select 3 Writers

Open a BASIC, PRO, or ENTERPRISE account, and use the Writer Search Tool to identify 3 writers you'd like to try out. Add the writers to your Love List.

Step 2
Launch Style Contest

Navigate to the Writing Style Contest order. Select the
3 writers provide a topic title and order information. We'll
launch the same order to each writer, to allow for a side
by side comparison.

Step 3
Approve the Orders

When the drafts come in, we encourage you to request revisions with the writers to get a feel for how they apply your feedback. Approve all 3 orders, and keep the writer(s) who got a good grasp of your style and tone on your Love List for future orders!