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The following open jobs were posted February 2018, and are updated monthly.

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WriterAccess, is an award-winning software platform connecting thousands of businesses with professional writers, editors, translators and content strategists. You'll find us on the Inc 5000 list for the last five years, growing 100% organically without even a smidge of investment or VC funding.

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    Front End Developer

    WriterAccess, an award-winning software platform connecting thousands of businesses with professional writers, editors, translators and content strategists, is seeking a Front End Developer to help make our platform experience better, faster and more fun.
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    Community Manager

    You’ll focus much of your time managing and communicating with the 15,000+ freelancers in our pool of talent, including writers, editors, content strategists and influencers. You’ll also help us grow a new pool of in Canada, UK, Australia and more. Making sure our talent are in tune with the latest platform enhancements, software developments and best practices will be a top priority. You'll offer training and development in multiple formats, including video, guides, podcasts and webinars.
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    Digital Marketing Manager

    You'll be responsible for creating and amplifying content campaigns through various channels, including email, search and social, both paid and organic. You'll need a solid foundation with email marketing(AWS) and marketing automation (Mautic), PPC management (Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram and more), on page optimization (VWO), lead funnel development (ClickFunnels) and the latest methods to transform browsers into buyers. You'll lead a small team that delivers big results by educating our audience on the latest content marketing methods and technology required to grow business organically. Specifically, you'll goal will be to drive revenue(promotions), build community(educate) and deliver performance(KPI measurement) including increased engagement and conversion boost with prospect members orbiting at high speeds.
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    Marketing Internship

    Our internship program offers on-the-job training in the fields of content marketing, traditional marketing, social media and inbound marketing. And we don't just throw you to the wolves. We take a look at your interest, major and past experience then work with you to design a custom program that will get you working on the right things with the right people to advance your career.
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    Marketing Events Manager

    You’ll help plan manage all our events, with a focus on consistent communication to our customers, talent, speakers, sponsors and fans throughout the year. It’s a multi-task role that’s exciting and rewarding, with clear goals to grow and boost attendance to all events with strong communication and dependable support. You’ll forge partnerships with local Boston and New England organizations and associations. And reach out to media for coverage on our events. And build a community of fans and followers that look to you for updates and information along the way.
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    Senior Copywriter

    You'll be responsible for working with the team to create content daily, including ad campaigns, resource guides, platform explanations, video scripts and more targeting customer acquisition, talent and platform promotion and reader retention. You'll use your proven copywriting skills and experience to work developing a fresh brand tone and style, designed for our buyer personas, customer journey maps and creative briefs that help you pinpoint how to engage readers, and keep them coming back for more.

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