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Your Elementary School Teacher Used Visual Aids for a Reason

cameraVideos and photos have been proven to enhance engagement and conversations with social media. As a professional content writer and small business marketing consulting expert, I have to admit that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Content is king, but a stunning graphic rules. Therefore, to create buzz and increase comments, likes, share, clicks and retweets, include high quality stock photos, infographics and screenshots. For smaller budgets, adhering to proven types of images will evoke emotional reactions from potential consumers. Remember, emotion sells.

Images used in blog content and social media grab the user’s attention far more quickly than text or links. Moreover, they will be shared more and convey the message more quickly than text in many cases. In fact, both Facebook and Twitter made adjustments to their platforms to emphasize images in the wake of the Pinterest effect that has revolutionized social media marketing. While selecting the correct dimensions and size remain important, the content of the image is far more significant. Try these types of images to produce the greatest sharing and conversation:

The Product Shot

Each business has a brand, and the product represents the brand. Whether you sell martial arts lessons or ice cream, cosmetics or landscape services, you have a tangible product to display in your social media stream. You can discuss the benefits, worth and added value of your product, but a photo of a well designed and groomed landscape or your budding ninjas will show off your product instantly.

The Peek Behind the Scenes

Whether it’s humorous or insightful, consumers enjoy seeing how the big picture gets pulled together. Provide them with exclusive photos of the inner sanctum, reveal something only an insider has access to and give them a peek into how it all happens. This gives your customers the feeling of being part of the team.

Put the Spotlight on Your Customers

What is more flattering and attention worthy than posting a photo of a valued client with a happy caption? Shine the spotlight on your customers, fans and followers by putting them on the big stage of social media. Tag them, retweet them, make them the center of attention for their 15 minutes of fame. This will boost loyalty instantly.

The Action Shot

Rather than a peek behind the scenes, this image captures the upfront action of you and your team members at what you do best. It may be delivering an exquisitely pulled espresso shot or going the extra mile to help a customer find a solution to a vexing problem using your product. Capture your team in the act of daily greatness and share it with your followers.

In many respects, donning the roving reporter and photographer hat can be fun and inspiring to staff and clients alike. Take those images and share them as part of your total digital marketing plan.

Writer Bio: Wendy H enjoys photographing people, places and things, although she also has an appreciation for the written word.

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